President/Business Manager’s Report


Happy New Year!  

Now that the holidays and vacation are over, I’m back out on the road and I’ll be visiting offices again.  On January 8 I was in Elmira for the Central South Uniit Meeting.  On January 15 I attended Central North’s Unit Meeting in Syracuse.  
At our December Executive Board Meeting, Elmira steward Marisa Shoemaker was appointed to the Central South Unit Chair by a unanimous vote.  At the same time, I appointed Monica Walter-Byrne to be our new steward for Binghamton.  Please join me in welcoming them both to their new positions!
We’re still working on our tee shirt orders, please see your steward to provide us with the size you’d like.  Every member in good standing will receive a shirt at no charge.  Any additional items need to be paid for when the order is placed.
Let’s make 2019 a great year!  We don’t have the threat of contract expiration or a strike looming over our heads so that in itself is something to celebrate!
In Solidarity,


Barbara Carson
President/Business Manager

IBEW Local 2213