President/Business Manager’s Report


On September 20 I attended a Call Sharing meeting in NYC with CWA and Verizon.  We were given all of the percentages of calls taken by our centers and also advised a “substantial” surplus was being declared.  On September 25 I officially received those numbers and they were, indeed, substantial.  77 of our members were declared surplus and every office in our bargaining unit was hit.  Make no mistake, we are under attack.  


On September 26 our internal Audit Committee met again.  They will prepare a report to share with us on their findings.  


I attended a Presidents meeting with my CWA counterparts on September 26 in Rye NY and on September 28 I was invited to CWA Local 1105’s office in Lake Success NY.  I joined President Keith Edwards and his team to meet with Kelly Kurtzman and her directors.  We discussed ways to reduce stress in the CSSCs and improve our attendance numbers (for both Upstate and Downstate).  


October 4 – 14 I was on vacation.  Thank you Anita Arezzo-Miga for handling things in my absence.  


In Solidarity,


Barb Carson